I am a creative technologist, writer, product designer, urban aficionado, jazz musician and ecomodernist.

I work on using natural language processing and analytics to solve problems in agriculture, defense and healthcare at Applied Invention. Before that I was at UT Austin, UCLA, a Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro and the Colburn School studying jazz. I speak a few languages, both human and computer.

Challenges define an age. The challenge of our age is to decouple our economic growth from our environmental impact. In the next few decades, we’re going to be adding several billion people to the planet and we need to make sure that all of them have an opportunity to live a dignified life. That means reducing carbon emissions and water usage, but it also means electrifying Africa and building an unprecedented amount of infrastructure throughout the world.

I believe that the only way to go is forward. We must make sane regulations and we must innovate hard and fast in areas that will make a real difference. To this mission, I bring my talents in technology, business development and a deep love for urbanism.