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The End (of waiting) Is Nigh: Academy Open Now

20 Jul

Good morrow.

The end (of waiting) is nigh! Harken undo this page (click this page) to sign up for the Live Course in the Ableton Cookbook Academy right now.

Sign Up Here

Here’s what you’re in for:

Le Schedule

Week 1 (August 1-7): Device Racks

I’ve chosen to group several different concepts together in this module because I think that they fit well together. Essentially, we’ll be discussing how to use the basic devices of Ableton to make racks that are much more than the sum of their parts. This will give you a better idea of how to customize your sounds without resorting to fancy-shmancy VSTs.

Week 2 (August 8-14): Audio FX I

There are a lot of Audio FX in Ableton; so many that I’ve broken them into two modules. In this module, we’ll cover the basic FX and I’ve grouped FX that are similar together (for example, all of the filters and all of the delays) so that we can get a better idea of how each one works. I also through in the Looper since it is redheaded stepchild of the bunch!

Week 3 (August 15-21): Audio FX II

Now we’re going to cover some of the more idiosyncratic FX of Ableton’s, as well as the compressor, which is essential for stepping your game up. Not to be missed in this unit is the Vocoder which, although a tad difficult to get set up, is a real gem.

Week 4 (August 22-August 28): MIDI FX

I have to admit that I’m a sucker for MIDI FX. They are extremely versatile and can lead to some really exciting possibilities that will make 1) your life easier and 2) your music more exciting. Who can argue with that?! In this module, we’ll tackle the monumental task of mastering Ableton’s MIDI FX and I’ll give you an idea of how to chain these effects together for maximum…effect.

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Week 5 (August 29-September 4): Music Theory

This module will focus on the music theory that I think all musicians, electronic or otherwise, need to know. This module is slightly different, in that it is composed of videos, quizzes where you can test your ear training and an open glossary of keyterms that I think are very important for you to know.

Week 6 (September 5-September 11): Arrangement

Too often, we get lost in the minutiae of making electronic music and miss the whole of the track. Unfortunately, this longer time span is what makes a track more than just a whole bunch of 5 second snippets of sound. This module will cover the arrangement view of Ableton and how to use it to lay out whole tracks. I’ve also written a little overview of the principles of arrangement.

Week 7 (September 12-September 18): Performance/DJ

This module will cover what I consider to be the coolest part of Ableton: taking it on stage! I’ll go through my ideas about designing your Ableton setup and then give you a glimpse into a few possible performance setups, including setups for DJing. My goal for this module is to inspire you to take your Ableton performance to the next level and that begins with designing a setup that suits you.

Week 8 (September 19- September 25): Mix/Master

The time has come for us to put the finishing touches on our tracks. Pretty exciting stuff! Or not. This is the point where a lot of folks get bogged down. But never fear. In this module we’ll cover the basics of how to make your tracks sound crispy in Ableton Live, including limiting, EQing and multi-band compression.

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Important Details

-The timeline I’ve provided above just refers to the release of the videos. You can watch them at your own pace and watch them as many times as you’d like.

-At the end of every week, I’ll be making a video of “office hours”. This will be an opportunity for me to address a common problem in-depth, or to expand and clarify something from the videos. I’ll be basing this on the questions in the Answerbase, as well as emails I receive. So please, ask questions!

Question? Concerns? Drop me an email at anthony [at] abltnckbk [dot] com

See you inside!


A New Way to Learn Production with Ableton Live

18 Jul

Lock up your horses and tie up your daughters, the Ableton Cookbook Academy will be reopening in t-minus 3 days.

The story thus far…

As many of the Cookbook faithful know, I’ve been offering an 8-week course on Ableton Live that will cover all the aspects that I think necessary to get comfortable with the software. My philosophy is “One Course to Rule Them All.” Actually, I just think that most people need 1 course to take them from n00b to functional producer and, from there, they can pretty much experiment and google their way to electronic music mastery. Each week will unleash a video module the likes of which man has never seen, covering Device Racks, Audio FX (2 weeks), MIDI FX, Music Theory, Arrangement, Performance/DJing and Mixing and Mastering.

Unfortunately, demand caught up with me and I decided to close the course to focus on improving the experience and making sure that I could devote more time to each participants questions. My revamped design was a result that of that “hiatus”. But now, it’s time to get serious…

So what’s new?

-New, improved Course Theater to watch the video modules in sequence. No more navigating weird pages to find your videos.

-Answerbase where you can ask questions about the modules and find answers to frequently asked questions.

-Weekly office hours with video responses to frequently queried queries.

-Enrollment will be limited to 10 participants at a time.

That’s right folks, gone are the days of free-flowin’ access to the Live Course. As soon as 10 people have registered, I’m going to slam shut the proverbial gates shut and no amount of crying will sway my hard heart. It’s really hard. I’m doing this because I like knowing participant’s name, what their goals are, favorite breakfast cereal, etc.

To recap: Course enrollment opens on Friday and will close as soon as we hit 10 people. Clearly, if you’re on the email list, you’ll get first crack, so make sure to sign up and wait up all night, refreshing your inbox.

Sign yo’self up

Updates to the Ableton Cookbook Academy

10 Jul

First of all, thank you all so much for the support and feedback on the Ableton Cookbook Academy you’ve been sending my way! I’ve been trying really hard over here to incorporate your feedback and get it really humming before I open the rest of the Academy modules. The goal is to be able to use this platform for all future courses here at the good ‘Book.

Make sure to register for the email list for access to the Academy [if you’re a member and lost your invitation email, drop me a line]

Sign Up for the Ableton Cookbook Academy Here

Just wanted to drop yall a quick line and tell you about some improvements I’ve made.

1) I’ve fixed the notifications so that there’s a “News Feed”-type notification bar on the right. This will show you if any questions that you’ve followed have been recently answered. This will prevent you from having to check back at the Answerbase every day of every hour. In the future, I’ll stuff it with other Ableton news (from twitter, RSS, etc.), but for right now, it’s just updates from the Academy.

2) You should also get an email when there’s a new answer on a question that you’ve followed.

3) The registration is now simpler. Just sign up for the normal email list, confirm your address and you should receive a link to the Academy. Before there were basically two authentication steps, which was kind of overkill.

I really want to make the Answerbase a central place for people to ask and have questions answered. That way, we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge! So, sign up for the Academy and get your questions answered. And thanks to all of the people that have been answering questions at the Answerbase. It really warms my black little heart when I see yall helping each other, haha.

Sign Up for the Ableton Cookbook Academy Here

There’s still a couple of iterations to go through before I open the rest of the Course in the Academy. I’m trying to optimize it so that I can work with fewer people and really focus on participants questions. But my guess is that, in the next few weeks, I’ll open up a few spots and we’ll get this poppin!

Ableton Cookbook Academy Beta is Open. And Free.

28 Jun

First of all, thank you SO much for helping me get the Ableton Cookbook Academy off the ground. I’ve already had a lot of people register and I’ve already begun ironing out some of the bugs.

For those of you that haven’t checked it out yet, please sign up for the email list to do so! My vision here is to provide one central location for all thing Ableton Cookbook. There is a course theater that includes the Clip Module (my video series about the basics of Ableton). In the future, all Ableton Cookbook courses will be conducted in the Course Theater, allowing you quickly navigate to the content you want and ask questions about any production question that crosses your mind.

There’s also a central Answerbase where you can check out questions others have asked and post your own. You can also answer questions and vote on answers already given. The voting up and down of answers will be familiar to those of you who have used Stackoverflow or Quora. But for the n00bs, keep this in mind: You do have a “reputation” score. People voting your answers down and up affects this score, so try not to be a bonehead. High reps will earn free gear/Ableton help. Low rep will get you banned (eventually).

My vision for the Answerbase is to make it the opposite of the Ableton Forum. This is not a place to complain about why Ableton doesn’t have a pet feature that you’d really like. It’s a place for people who want to make music to get help and give feedback. And, hopefully, it will be fun!

I’ve been programming for a million hours, so I’m going to keep this brief. BUT please be sure to hit me back with any usability/feature ideas as well as bugs, etc. Keep the technical feedback on the email list (please) so that I can keep better track of it.

SIGN UP HERE FOR ACCESS (You’ll be redirected after confirming your email address).

Here are some known issues:

-Login is a pain. Email list account and Ableton Cookbook Academy accounts are different. This will be fixed.

-Search within the CourseTheater is not optimal. If you REALLY want to find something, search in the Answerbase.

-Notifications aren’t live, yet. But we are tracking questions for you, so please follow/subscribe to questions.

-Your rep and profile will be more accessible/visible soon.

Free Access to the Clip Module Beta

11 Jun

I’ve been kind of incognito as of late, and for that I apologize. I know how much yall have been missing my ramblings and rantings.

But please know that I have not, by any means, forgotten you, nor have I done anything crazy like taken a job as an insurance salesman (my fondest dream).

Instead, I’ve spent that last month or so finalizing the prototype of the new and improved Clip Module, my video series that covers all aspects of what I consider to be Ableton’s most important feature, Clips. This new interface includes some features that will soon be incorporated into the whole of the Ableton Live Course curriculum.

But new doesn’t always mean improved. That’s why I need all of yall’s help. Starting June 25th, I’m going to be opening up the new and improved Clip Module Beta for anyone on the email list. That means that what was once 47 American dollars will be totally free (for a limited time).

Well, not totally free.

I need something in return: Your feedback. As this is a wholly new interface that I designed and built with my own Funyon-stained fingers, I’m going to need all the feedback that yall can spare. I’d also really appreciate it if you forwarded this info to your friends who use Ableton or are thinking of getting started.

But you have time to prepare your minds. The free beta will open on June 25th and will only be free for a limited time. So, in the interim, check out this video that I made of the new features and make sure to sign up for the email list to participate in all the free Ableton Cookbook goodness.

And finally: Thank you!

Sign up here for the email list

Shut it Down

10 May

I have some bad news.

I’m going to close enrollment for the Ableton Cookbook Live Course in 6 days.

You’re probably pulling your hair out, gnashing your teeth and beating your breast, crying “Why?”

Well, calm down.

I’m closing enrollment because the amount of students has become somewhat…unmanageable. As you know, when I answer emails, I REALLY answer emails.

But this takes time. Like, to the tune of hours a day. And, unfortunately, I have other things to attend to.

“What things?”, you may ask.

I have been on a super secret mission, calling upon all of my internetting powers to improve the course even more. I’m really excited for the upcoming changes to the site and to the course, but these changes also take time.

So, in the interest of providing a high quality product, both now and the future, I’m closing enrollment for the Ableton Live Course (and Complete) on May 16th at midnight. Get in on this while the getting is open.

Sign up Now

P.S. Remember, Email List Members, apply your discount at checkout to get big ole discount!

Ableton and Soundcloud, Sitting in a Tree

3 Apr

As I’m sure all of you Ableton fanatics have heard, Ableton and Soundcloud are totally into one another. Owners of Ableton are eligible for a Free Soundcloud Pro account (for 5 months) and Soundcloud users are eligible for Live Lite, which previously only came with the Justin Bieber Paper Jamz Keytar. So, we’re stoked, right?

But, to be honest, I’m not that stoked. Frankly, if I wanted a Soundcloud Pro account, I would have one already. And I don’t really have the need to upload 36 hours of music (I’m not Sigur Ros). My greatest hope is that the Soundcloud deal will bring in some more Ableton newbs who will be below us on the great Ableton chain of being, thus giving the people on the Ableton Forum more people to abuse. j/k. I really do hope that it will bring in more people who want to learn about music production. The more, the merrier!

I’m really interested, though, in the “Publish to Soundcloud” capability that the new Ableton update apparently has (I’m superstitious and NEVER update my Ableton immediately). Do you guys think that that was a key feature to add? Will it change your workflow? YOUR LIFE?

Let me know in ye olde comments.

Only a Few Days Left to Grab the Clip Module

27 Mar

The (not so) Bad News: I’ll be closing enrollment to the Clip Module and the Device Rack Module on March 31. As you know, the Clip Module is a series of videos that I made which thoroughly explain the fundamentals of Ableton Live for those of you starting out with the software. The Device Rack module discusses how to best utilize the amazing Devices and Racks that come with Ableton Live.

They’ve both been extremely well-received. I blush when I read the feedback emails. So, why am I closing the enrollment?

Short answer: To make them even better.

Long answer: As some of you who follow my twitter know, I have been enrolled in Udacity’s CS101 course for a few weeks or so, trying to get my programming chops up to snuff. I’ve really been inspired by some of the things I’ve seen in the world of MOOC’s (Massive open online courses), including Udacity, Coursera and, though not an MOOC, Udemy.

I’ve been so inspired, in fact, that I’ve decided to make some BIG improvements to the Clip Module and Device Rack Module (y’all know that I’m committed to constantly improving the products). And since I do all the development myself (can you tell? har har), I don’t know how long it will take.

And since your access is good forever, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the future benefits at the current price! That sounds like a pretty decent deal to me, haha. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to get started with Ableton, now is your chance.

P.S. Now would also be an ideal time to redeem your email list VIP discount, available to everyone on the email list. Wink wink.

I’ll Do Anything for Love…Including That

14 Feb

I’ve made a terrible mistake.

Few people know me as a hopeless romantic. But I am, it’s true. And Valentine’s day brings out the romantic in me and causes me to do irrational, grandiose things.

It could also be the crushing pressure of society.

Definitely one of those two things.

And this time I’ve really put my foot in it. I booked a last-minute getaway for myself and my ladyfriend. I’m taking time off work, booked a spa and bought some fancy flowers that have an exotic name I can’t pronounce. All this for the low low price of…a crapload of money.

So, in the grand tradition of feverish, all-caps Craigslist ads and pawn shops, I am hawking all of my (digital) belongings in order to get some cash quickly. And you, my dear friend, are the benefactor.

I hereby declare that, because of Anthony Arroyo’s financial ineptitude, you will be the recipient of a mindboggling 50% discount for the next 5 days or until midnight of the 19th. This can be applied to anything and everything in the webstore. Just put in the discount code: VDAY


If you were waiting for a time to grab the Ableton Live Course…your day has come. Instead of paying the list price of 297 dollars, you’ll pay less than 150 if you sign up today with the discount code VDAY!


Well, I’m going to go fire up the scented candles and the Sade CD (joking. I always make out to Cardopusher and Venetian Snares [also joking]). I hope that some of yall who haven’t been able to get the money together for the Live Course are able to grab it now! It would definitely be a good investment.

Have a great Valentines Day and remember to spend a foolish amount of time/money on your loved one. It’s why God invented credit cards!

Are You Hard Up?

24 Jan

Then I have some good news!

As you know, I’ve had the Ableton Cookbook Live Course open for about a month now and I’ve been really, really pleased with the feedback I’ve gotten. And as you know, I looove feedback since it helps me tweak things and constantly make the site and products better.

There’s only one problem. I’ve gotten a boatload of email from people asking me if there was a way to pay for each module separately, or for a payment plan of some kind. It seems like a lot of people are hard up after the holidays, or after the start of the semester (I know I am). So it got me thinking…

Well, now, after a few logistical fixes and tweaks, I’m proud to say that I’m offering the next Module of the Ableton Cookbook Live Course for sale…by itself!


This module will cover the Drum Rack, the Impulse and the Simpler in-depth and then discuss how to optimize these Devices by grouping them together into Racks of different kinds. It’s a great way to continue your studies if you’ve already finished the Clips Module. I’ll also cover how to make MIDI and Audio multi-FX racks to totally personalize your sound in Ableton.

And as you know if you’ve grabbed the Clip Module in the past, I’m always going back and making these videos better and responding to your feedback.

So, now you have two options: You can either buy the whole Live Course for $297(which is a better value in the longrun), or you can purchase the Device Rack module for just $47.

And, since you are a member of the Ableton Cookbook family, you are eligible for a 25% discount when you enter the discount code TACLIST. Keep in mind, though, that this discount will only apply until the 31st at midnight, so grab the module today!


P.S. When you purchase the Module, make sure that you click on the link that says “Registered Members click here,” if you’ve already bought the Clip Module. That way, you can keep the same login info.