Ableton Cookbook Academy Beta is Open. And Free.

First of all, thank you SO much for helping me get the Ableton Cookbook Academy off the ground. I’ve already had a lot of people register and I’ve already begun ironing out some of the bugs.

For those of you that haven’t checked it out yet, please sign up for the email list to do so! My vision here is to provide one central location for all thing Ableton Cookbook. There is a course theater that includes the Clip Module (my video series about the basics of Ableton). In the future, all Ableton Cookbook courses will be conducted in the Course Theater, allowing you quickly navigate to the content you want and ask questions about any production question that crosses your mind.

There’s also a central Answerbase where you can check out questions others have asked and post your own. You can also answer questions and vote on answers already given. The voting up and down of answers will be familiar to those of you who have used Stackoverflow or Quora. But for the n00bs, keep this in mind: You do have a “reputation” score. People voting your answers down and up affects this score, so try not to be a bonehead. High reps will earn free gear/Ableton help. Low rep will get you banned (eventually).

My vision for the Answerbase is to make it the opposite of the Ableton Forum. This is not a place to complain about why Ableton doesn’t have a pet feature that you’d really like. It’s a place for people who want to make music to get help and give feedback. And, hopefully, it will be fun!

I’ve been programming for a million hours, so I’m going to keep this brief. BUT please be sure to hit me back with any usability/feature ideas as well as bugs, etc. Keep the technical feedback on the email list (please) so that I can keep better track of it.

SIGN UP HERE FOR ACCESS (You’ll be redirected after confirming your email address).

Here are some known issues:

-Login is a pain. Email list account and Ableton Cookbook Academy accounts are different. This will be fixed.

-Search within the CourseTheater is not optimal. If you REALLY want to find something, search in the Answerbase.

-Notifications aren’t live, yet. But we are tracking questions for you, so please follow/subscribe to questions.

-Your rep and profile will be more accessible/visible soon.

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