The End (of waiting) Is Nigh: Academy Open Now

Good morrow.

The end (of waiting) is nigh! Harken undo this page (click this page) to sign up for the Live Course in the Ableton Cookbook Academy right now.

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Here’s what you’re in for:

Le Schedule

Week 1 (August 1-7): Device Racks

I’ve chosen to group several different concepts together in this module because I think that they fit well together. Essentially, we’ll be discussing how to use the basic devices of Ableton to make racks that are much more than the sum of their parts. This will give you a better idea of how to customize your sounds without resorting to fancy-shmancy VSTs.

Week 2 (August 8-14): Audio FX I

There are a lot of Audio FX in Ableton; so many that I’ve broken them into two modules. In this module, we’ll cover the basic FX and I’ve grouped FX that are similar together (for example, all of the filters and all of the delays) so that we can get a better idea of how each one works. I also through in the Looper since it is redheaded stepchild of the bunch!

Week 3 (August 15-21): Audio FX II

Now we’re going to cover some of the more idiosyncratic FX of Ableton’s, as well as the compressor, which is essential for stepping your game up. Not to be missed in this unit is the Vocoder which, although a tad difficult to get set up, is a real gem.

Week 4 (August 22-August 28): MIDI FX

I have to admit that I’m a sucker for MIDI FX. They are extremely versatile and can lead to some really exciting possibilities that will make 1) your life easier and 2) your music more exciting. Who can argue with that?! In this module, we’ll tackle the monumental task of mastering Ableton’s MIDI FX and I’ll give you an idea of how to chain these effects together for maximum…effect.

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Week 5 (August 29-September 4): Music Theory

This module will focus on the music theory that I think all musicians, electronic or otherwise, need to know. This module is slightly different, in that it is composed of videos, quizzes where you can test your ear training and an open glossary of keyterms that I think are very important for you to know.

Week 6 (September 5-September 11): Arrangement

Too often, we get lost in the minutiae of making electronic music and miss the whole of the track. Unfortunately, this longer time span is what makes a track more than just a whole bunch of 5 second snippets of sound. This module will cover the arrangement view of Ableton and how to use it to lay out whole tracks. I’ve also written a little overview of the principles of arrangement.

Week 7 (September 12-September 18): Performance/DJ

This module will cover what I consider to be the coolest part of Ableton: taking it on stage! I’ll go through my ideas about designing your Ableton setup and then give you a glimpse into a few possible performance setups, including setups for DJing. My goal for this module is to inspire you to take your Ableton performance to the next level and that begins with designing a setup that suits you.

Week 8 (September 19- September 25): Mix/Master

The time has come for us to put the finishing touches on our tracks. Pretty exciting stuff! Or not. This is the point where a lot of folks get bogged down. But never fear. In this module we’ll cover the basics of how to make your tracks sound crispy in Ableton Live, including limiting, EQing and multi-band compression.

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Important Details

-The timeline I’ve provided above just refers to the release of the videos. You can watch them at your own pace and watch them as many times as you’d like.

-At the end of every week, I’ll be making a video of “office hours”. This will be an opportunity for me to address a common problem in-depth, or to expand and clarify something from the videos. I’ll be basing this on the questions in the Answerbase, as well as emails I receive. So please, ask questions!

Question? Concerns? Drop me an email at anthony [at] abltnckbk [dot] com

See you inside!


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