Updates to the Ableton Cookbook Academy

First of all, thank you all so much for the support and feedback on the Ableton Cookbook Academy you’ve been sending my way! I’ve been trying really hard over here to incorporate your feedback and get it really humming before I open the rest of the Academy modules. The goal is to be able to use this platform for all future courses here at the good ‘Book.

Make sure to register for the email list for access to the Academy [if you’re a member and lost your invitation email, drop me a line]

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Just wanted to drop yall a quick line and tell you about some improvements I’ve made.

1) I’ve fixed the notifications so that there’s a “News Feed”-type notification bar on the right. This will show you if any questions that you’ve followed have been recently answered. This will prevent you from having to check back at the Answerbase every day of every hour. In the future, I’ll stuff it with other Ableton news (from twitter, RSS, etc.), but for right now, it’s just updates from the Academy.

2) You should also get an email when there’s a new answer on a question that you’ve followed.

3) The registration is now simpler. Just sign up for the normal email list, confirm your address and you should receive a link to the Academy. Before there were basically two authentication steps, which was kind of overkill.

I really want to make the Answerbase a central place for people to ask and have questions answered. That way, we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge! So, sign up for the Academy and get your questions answered. And thanks to all of the people that have been answering questions at the Answerbase. It really warms my black little heart when I see yall helping each other, haha.

Sign Up for the Ableton Cookbook Academy Here

There’s still a couple of iterations to go through before I open the rest of the Course in the Academy. I’m trying to optimize it so that I can work with fewer people and really focus on participants questions. But my guess is that, in the next few weeks, I’ll open up a few spots and we’ll get this poppin!

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