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How to Make a MIDI Multi-Effect Rack in Ableton

12 Dec

The Ableton MIDI Effects are some of my favorite things in Live. Some of them are unassuming, but really powerful. But what’s more powerful than one unassuming MIDI Effect? A whole boat load of ‘em!

In this video tutorial, I show you how to make a MIDI Multi-Effect Rack that lets you apply different FX to different regions of the keyboard (or of any MIDI controller for that matter). This will let you take advantage of your whole keyboard and finally be able to make your dreams of being a one-man keytar band a reality!

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Handy Tip for Using Extract Chain in Ableton Live

7 Dec

In the last post, I discussed the extract chain function in Ableton…as well as what I felt were some of its drawbacks. I like the fact that I can break a MIDI drum clip up into various parts (one for kick drum, one for snare, etc.), but I don’t like the fact that, in the process, my original Drum Rack gets torn to pieces. This makes it difficult to play live, etc.

So, I’ve come up with a solution, natch. In this tip, you can take advantage of the Extract Chain to break the original drum clip up into separate MIDI clips and then use MIDI routing to have these newly minted clips play the original Drum Rack.

I like to do this because, now, since my Drum Rack is still intact, I can still play it live, like a Drum Machine. I can also easily switch out the Drums from the cells and use choke groups, etc. Basically, I’ve salvaged the functionality of the Drum Rack. Yay, me.

Sound complicated? It sort of is…but luckily I’ve made this handy dandy video for you, including on-screen keyboard shortcuts! These shortcuts make all the difference between this taking 3 minutes and this taking 15 minutes, so check ‘em out. Make sure to leave me a comment if anything is unclear!

Text instructions are below the video.