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Check Out This Cool MIDI Routing Tip for Ableton’s Arpeggiator

29 Nov

In this excerpt from the exclusive Ableton Cookbook email list Video Q&A, I covered a cool MIDI Routing tip for any Ableton MIDI effect that will let you take even more advantage of these effects; in this case, I used the arpeggiator effect.

The traditional signal chain in Ableton goes from the MIDI clip to a MIDI effect and then into an Instrument or Instrument Rack, where the MIDI information is interpreted and output as audio. This means that, if you press record on a MIDI Clip that has an effect on it, you’ll get a recording not of the affected MIDI signal, but of the unaffected MIDI signal. If you want to capture these affected MIDI events, you are going to have to do some MIDI routing. In this video, I show you how this is done!

Extra special thanks to Opuswerk for making these Synth Racks that I’m using in this example. Love ’em! You can grab the ableton files HERE.

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