Welcome to The Ableton Cookbook Live Course!

The Ableton Cookbook Live Course consists of 8 different Modules: Device Racks, Audio FX 1, Audio FX 2, MIDI FX, Music Theory, Arrangement, Performance/DJing and Mixing/Mastering. These modules will continue in the grand tradition of the introductory Clip Module: they each consist of at least 2 hours of video and they focus, in-depth, on the different aspects of Ableton Live.

Each Module has its own Q&A forum where I’ll be answering questions and moderating (so no torturing the noobs!). A Module will be released every 2 weeks from the day that you start, giving you time to digest the videos and think of questions. Since we’ll all be going through the progression of the Modules together, we can use the forum to share music and give feedback. I think this is super important for motivation. I know that it helps me!

And, clearly, the videos will be available for you to stream and download for all of eternity (or until the internet disappears).

So, let’s get started!


Clip Module

Device Rack Module

Audio FX Module

Audio FX II Module

MIDI FX Module

Music Theory Module

Arrangement Module

Performance/DJ Module

Mixing/Mastering Module

Check out the Q&A Forum if You have any questions!